When a customer will get a refund?

  • If we fail to deliver on time
  • If our service is not as described
  • If we provide non-working accounts(facebook accounts)
  • If customer is not satisfied with our service

We are promised to deliver exactly what out customers want.We will give a 100% refund if we fail to fulfill your expectations.If you pay using paypal you can never make a dispute,if you have any problem you need to contact us and we will solve your issue or we will refund if there is any valid reason.Some people misuse our services because intangible goods are not protected by seller protection and for our own security we must not give rights for a dispute.

A customer should contact with order id using below options:

  1. Support Email: Email US
  2. Skype: poizon_green
  3. Whatsapp: +880-1629874162