Based on San Francisco, the social networking website called Twitter was launched in 2006. The tweets can be maximum of 140 characters. The use of this site is mainly concentrated within the older generation. The new generation also uses this site for tweeting but it is only 11%. If you have account in this site then you can tweet and read other members. But if you don’t have any account then you can read other members twits but cannot post messages in this site. Members can also keep their messages private and can select some friends or members who can see the tweets.

What are twitter followers?

This cannot be explained in word. Suppose I have an account in twitter and you do also have. If I have posted something in my account profile it can be seen by you when you log in to your account. Now if you click the follow button then you started following me. Similarly anybody can follow other member. The member if follows the follower then both will be benefited.  The more the number of followers in twitter account the more is the popularity of you. You can use this success in case of business or advertising about your product or service. The post must be interesting, so that people will be eager to follow without direct requesting them to follow forcefully.

What should be done to get more twitter followers and keep the existing as well?

  • Don’t trumpet your own box always. Then people will get bored and from annoyance they might block you.
  • Try to admire other members’ posts which are really interesting and say thanks to them who are appreciating your tweets. This will increase your followers.
  • Your way of approaching people should be something different and you must not pretend to be what you are not.
  • You can buy twitter followers from the service provider who does these. But keep in mind that having too many followers and who are in turn followed by you can make it fake followers list.

Thus to spread your business online you can try for buy twitter followers.


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